Monday, 13 May 2013

VIP Helps You Grow Your Opticians Business

Attract New Customers And Patients

Vision In Partnership isn't just about having the ability to refer your existing patients - that's only half the benefit available to you as a VIP Member.

VIP also presents you with a huge opportunity to grow your existing patient base, by offering the latest in refractive and laser eye surgery treatments - attracting new patients.

Many patients of other Optician's are interested in the benefits that refractive and laser eye surgery treatments can bring. Make them your patients with VIP. 

Every new patient through your doors, is an opportunity - whether they choose a surgical option or not. This means even if they choose not to, or cannot have a VIP laser eye surgery treatment, you still have that opportunity to acquire a new patient for glasses or contact lenses. 

As a VIP Member, we're here to help you really maximise the benefits of your new Partnership. There are a variety of Marketing Materials available for your use, to help you leverage the commercial benefits of your new proposition, through Vision In Partnership.