Monday, 13 May 2013

About Vision In Partnership

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VIP is put together by Optical Experts and is run by Optical Experts... for Optical Professionals, just like you!

VIP (Vision In Partnership) is an experienced, diverse, specialist referral business... and best of all, VIP is totally independent and our services come entirely free. The VIP team and brand is totally committed to you as an Independent Optometrist, your clinic, your patients and your business.

Vision In Partnership lives that commitment by aiming to provide you with free education, allowing you to enrich your patients lives, by enabling you to offer a full range of VIP refractive and laser eye surgery treatments.

And.. should the VIP proposition interest you, we can further that commitment by offering you a unique opportunity to empower your practice with a new service... with clear strategic benefits.

The VIP Service is entirely provided free of charge to you with a proposition designed to sit alongside & compliment your existing offering.

If you want to learn more about Vision In Partnership, please get in touch for a no obligation informal discussion, or register your details here to receive a copy of the VIP Prospectus.

Visit the Vision In Partnership Website today for laser eye surgery for independent opticians.