Monday, 13 May 2013

Laser Eye Surgery Through Vision In Partnership

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Where Do Refractive & Laser Eye Surgery Patients Come From?

With the vast majority of Refractive & Laser Eye Surgery Providers, offering surgical ophthalmic treatments only, with no conventional optical offer, the answer is simply... they come from multiple and Independent Opticians, like you.

Are Your Patients Asking You The Questions?

Popularity and awareness of life changing refractive procedures is growing. Your patients will have heard of, or know someone who has had a form of surgical / laser vision correction already. If you're not being asked for your advice, as a quality provider of ophthalmic care, you will be soon.

Do you feel competent and confident to talk refractive, as their clinical professional?

How Do They Become Patients Of Refractive & Laser Eye Providers?

Some patients are referred by their GP or Clinical Professional, others by their Optician. But, the vast majority are acquired by inbound and outbound marketing activity. The Refractive & Laser Eye Surgery Industry is highly competitive and a growth business, so there's a lot of competition and energy behind attracting and treating patients, like yours.

And with the best clinical outcomes on offer, who can blame your patients for being tempted to explore what life changing surgery could do for them?

Glasses, contact lenses.... or be free of them for life?
............... That is the question!

Are You Giving Your Patients All The Options?

We're sure that depends on how much you know about refractive surgery and how confident you feel in the treatments. We know you'll be driven by the best clinical outcomes and have your patients best interests at heart, but we also know you have a business to run.

There is a distinct misconception in thinking that a patient who undergoes refractive surgery is lost. Post-refractive / laser eye surgery, it is imperative that patients continue to have their eyes checked over regularly (as any other patient would) and some may need to wear conventional glasses or contact lenses for certain tasks. This advice is echoed by Refractive Surgery Providers.

With VIP There IS Another Way

What would you say if we could fill this gap and inequality between the clinical propositions you have right now, compared to the clinical capabilities, to offer all the ophthalmic solutions available to your customers right now?

What would you say to having the capability to offer your patients the very last Refractive & Laser Eye Surgery Procedures, with the ability to recommend those procedures confidently, without losing your patient.... And with a clear strategic benefits?

And be able to do all this with no investment and a zero cost to you?

Be Confident

As long as patients are counselled appropriately, you can be confident they will come back to your care post-operatively and there will be no loss to your patient base.

Visit the Vision In Partnership Website today to learn how as an Independent Optician, you could be offering your patients laser eye surgery and refractive treatments, right from your own clinic.