Monday, 13 May 2013

Laser Eye Surgery Patient Journey

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At this first stage the provider begins to understand what the patient hopes to achieve from refractive / laser eye surgery and performs some preliminary tests. The results of these tests allow the Clinician to assess the patients suitability for a refractive surgical procedure.


The patient then sees a Specialist Clinician. The Clinician then analyse the results of the tests carried out at the consultation and working within the parameters for suitability for the surgery, will make a decision as to whether that patient will be a suitable person for surgery. It is then the patients choice whether or not to proceed.

Patient Does Not Proceed

The patient may elect not to proceed with the refractive / laser eye surgery treatment, or may be an unsuitable candidate clinically. The patient is then referred back to your care for the dispensing of up-to-date glasses or contact lenses and for all their routine check ups.

Patient Proceeds With Treatment

The refractive / laser eye procedure is carried out to treat the patients personal prescription. With laser vision correction the procedure is over within minutes. The patient spends a short time recovering in the clinic and is then discharged with their after care medications the same day, to recover at home.

Post-Operative Aftercare

The patient's aftercare is tailored to their surgery and individual requirements. A Specialist Clinician will regularly monitor the patients recovery and support them on the post-operative journey to ensure they get the best possible outcome. This dedication and on-going support ensures the patient is managed, well after the treatment.

Long-Term Aftercare​

Once discharged from their refractive / laser eye surgery provider aftercare, patients are referred back into your continued care and management, for subsequent eye tests & long-term ophthalmic services. The patient you referred, was treated and cared for post-operatively, is now back in your clinic as a happy, still spending... and loyal patient.
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