Monday, 13 May 2013

Learn About Laser Eye Surgery With VIP

Education Is At The Heart Of VIP

As part of the Vision In Partnership core commitment to being an educator, we feel it's important to present you with the full and balanced facts, on both refractive and laser eye surgery.

As a Local Independent Optician we appreciate that you'll want to have a good understanding of both the clinical and non-clinical elements of the VIP Services we are offering, so you can best advise your patients.

Our VIP Learning Centre features articles, publications and opinions from the leading clinical bodies, surgical experts, patient experiences and what's currently in the media, around refractive and laser eye surgery.

The Vision In Partnership Learning Centre is being constantly updated with the latest news, surgical developments, new treatments, white papers and publications to ensure your knowledge is kept up to date and you feel confident in understanding this element of Ophthalmic Treatment.
Visit the VIP Learning Centre to discover more about laser eye surgery with Vision In Partnership